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BSc(Hons) Ost. Med.





Graduated from Oxford Brookes University as an Osteopath in 2009.  He lives in North Derbyshire with his wife, son and two daughters. He enjoys golf, yoga, cooking and travel.


Prior to retraining as an osteopath Robin worked in IT in Manchester and London before a back problem resulted in him experiencing the benefits of osteopathic treatment. This treatment not only had profound effects on his back, but also proved to be a career and life changing moment.


As well as being a registered osteopath with a keen interest in the treatment of all musculo skeletal problems (“its not just all about backs”) Robin is an experienced massage therapist and qualified yoga instructor.  The combination of these skills provides a unique approach to understanding the function (and subsequent malfunction) of the human body.


Robin has experience of successfully treating people from a variety of backgrounds; from experienced sports people with acute injuries, expectant mothers with bad backs, office workers with poor posture, children with asthma to older people with chronic debilitating illnesses.  “I have found one of the strengths of osteopathy is its inherent flexibility, which allows it to be successfully applied to a wide range of people and problems.  This flexibility stems from the fact that we see each person as an individual not a complaint or a symptom and as such we are free to treat the person not the symptoms, resulting in the freedom to be truly patient focussed which I believe better enables us to help you achieve your goals”. 


"Caring, professional and supportive.  My regular treatments keep me moving!" Nikki Spencer